World Government and The Mark

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The UN has set goals for a one world government and tech firms are trying to develop microchip implants that would be the method by which people would buy and sell. If preterism is true why is this happening?

Can you direct me to websites specializing in this subject or to someone who can talk to me about it?

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Before I give my response to your email. I need to review your question. You asked, “If preterism is true why is this happening”? I’ve heard similar questions over the years. Some of these asked If Jesus is real: why is there still sin? Why is there still sickness? Why did my child die? And other variations including questions like “if the Church is real, why this or that?” “If the Holy Ghost is real, why this or that?” “If the Bible is real, why this or that?” And other variations of this type questioning. The best response to these type questions is that biblical truth is not dependent on things happening a certain way or not happening a certain way, but is instead determined only by what the Bible says.

With that in mind, nowhere do I find the Bible speaking of microchips. I’m assuming you are applying this to the “mark of the beast.” You may not know this but before microchips were “the mark,” it was barcodes. Before that, it was the Social Security numbers. And this guessing game did not stop there. But what needs to be asked is what does the Bible say about “the mark”? Not, what does a preacher say? Or what do the notes in a Study Bible say? But, what does the Bible say about the Mark of the Beast? My 2004 study, Today’s 666 Mark Does Not Compute, is a bit dated, but the Bible verses it includes are still as timely as when it was first posted. I trust it will answer your questions on what the Mark of the Beast is.

The UN has been a paper tiger for a long time. Will wicked men bring about a one world government someday? If they do, would that be any worse of a system than what we have now? Maybe that question should be asked to believers that already suffer persecution? They might respond differently than someone who has never experienced such treatment. But, again, I ask—where is the UN mentioned in the Bible? The only kingdom I see Jesus asking His Church to focus on is the Kingdom of God. That Kingdom is already established and is ruled by the king of Kings and lord of Lords. I hope the following study helps you with some of that: A King for a King.

Dispensationalism uses both the fear of computer chips and a one world UN system in its theories on the “end time.” Dispensationalism’s teachings are not that old and they change whenever time or circumstance proves them wrong. Back in 1988, Edgar C. Whisenant taught 88 reasons why the world soon end and that Jesus would come that same year. Some people bought into Whisenant’s message and sold personal possessions. Others bought big dollar items they’d normally never buy because they thought they’d never make any payments before the coming Rapture. Many churches taught the 88 reasons and saw an increase in attendance of people who were afraid they would miss the soon coming 1988 rapture of the Church. But this influx diminished after Whisenant’s prophesied deadline failed to come to pass. Whisenant gave 88 reasons why Jesus was coming back. He was wrong. The way in which he interpreted the Bible was wrong. The end message he believed the Bible taught was wrong. Those who bought into his claims could have saved heartache if they had looked into their Bibles to confirm his claims, but many trusted a man over God’s word. The aftermath of Whisenant’s errors provoked many people to lose trust in their preachers and to doubt the validity of the inerrancy of God’s Word.

Another example is prophecy teacher, Hal Lindsey. He has rewritten and rereleased his Late Great Planet Earth book several times. He does this to cover over the predictions that are proven wrong. Errors have also caused Irvin Baxter of Endtime Ministries to change his teachings. These changes is why he no longer sells his first two books, even though they were purported to have been God-inspired. Dispensationalists claim their teachings are literally taught in their Bible, but to date, when they are pressed to provide scriptural evidence for their claims, they fail miserably. Whisenant, Lindsey, and Baxter are a small example of the teachers who have taught the ever-changing predictions of Dispensationalism since its 1830 inception. 

Another article you might find of help here is called “My Journey Into Fulfilled Eschatology.” In it, I explain how I came to see Fulfilled Eschatology while working and writing for a Dispensational ministry.

I hope this response is a help to you. Please, feel free to contact me again and to explore the studies I have at

Jesus’ best,
TK Burk

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