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I’m doing something new in 2018. I’ve had a growing request to add audio to my Website’s Bible studies. So, in response to that, I’m including a picture of my new Blue Yeti microphone. In the 1990s, I did a Christian radio broadcast. Back then it was a mic in a soundboard recording into a tape deck. Now it’s a USB mic recording into GarageBand on my Mac, which is so much easier! The format I’m adding will be similar to my radio days except many of the teachings now will include an outline you can use to follow the audio lesson. As always I enjoy hearing from you and I welcome your prayers.

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  1. I greatly enjoy your writings and willl look forward to listing because often I have little time to read. When I do read I mainly read scripture, knowing there is more revelation than I could possibly unfold in a lifetime.
    I admire your diligence to your ministry and hope I to could share my passion someday in this fashion as well!

    Grace and peace!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Bro. Kevin. I agree–it is hard finding enough time day to day. That is why I am hoping the addition of the audio teachings will be a help to folks like yourself. I look forward to hearing from you again. -TKB

  2. praise the Lord B. Burk,

    I am looking forward to your audio Bible studies. I have few from years back and the ones that you posted here. I listen to them over and over again.
    Thank you so much for this great site of Bible studies, I have learned so much from them and is the only one that I can trust to have the truth of JesusChrist.

    God bless you in Jesus name.

    Sis. Clara

    1. Sis Clara, thank you for your comments. I am almost finished with a new study. My plan is to use it for the first audio study. Very soon we will see how that works out. -TKB

  3. Stay encouraged! Think of it this way, the typical Bible study session involves one preacher and one person and only educates one person. If your audio file was even only heard by 5 willing listeners, that has fivefold the impact of a typical Bible study experience. As small a number as 5 may seem, that’s a big ROI for a Bible study I’m sure any preacher or pastor would agree. Small numbers are actually huge numbers in this arena. Keep up the good audio, brother! Grateful for it! Also, there are people from other countries who may not be good at reading English but might be good enough at hearing and understanding English. So audio can definitely have major advantage especially since you mentioned having visitors from other countries on your website.

    Also a suggestion, assuming you have the verses in front of you that you didn’t fully but mentioned where they are in the Bible, could you at the end of your recording briefly go over and just read those verses in full so that if I’m listening to the audio and I’m in a situation where I don’t have the Bible in front of me or it’s not feasible like if I’m driving, that I can say the verses to myself, the physical act of doing that helps it retain better. Like you could say, “these are the verses that I mentioned earlier in the bible study, and then say them on the audio recording one after another till you finish the list.” That way you don’t have to kill your momentum during the Bible study where it’s probably best to just mention book chapter and verse.

    1. Thank you for your reply and your suggestions.

      I am planning to add more audio. It’s encouraging to hear you find them a help.

      Concerning adding a reading of every scripture references I site, this is something I’ll consider. The reason I only include the Book, Chapter, and Verse is to save time and space in the written study. The serious student will look them up. The student wanting to go more quickly will see there are scriptures that verify the study. At this time, I’m not sure how to please both of these students in an audio file.

      Thank you again for your feedback!


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