Jesus Can Do So Much With So Little

shutterstock_37249474A boy gave up his fish and bread lunch. Jesus used that to feed thousands of hungry souls. An assembly of 120 disciples gave up their fear of persecution. Jesus used that to spread the gospel to the descendants of Israel in every nation. A woman of ill repute at a well ignored her shame. Jesus used that to reach the people of Samaria with the message of salvation. The Roman captain of an Italian Regiment and his household changed their allegiance from Caesar to the King of kings. Jesus used that to reach the Gentile nations with His New Covenant.

Jesus can do so much with so little. He uses common people to do great things for His kingdom. None in His day expected Him to use them, but He did. Jesus also doesn’t change. He still uses men and women today that are willing to forfeit themselves to His will. Are you expecting Jesus to use you? Would you surrender yourself to Him if He asked? What could He do through you if you allowed Him to work? Jesus is only limited by the limits of our faith. He wants to work, but he seeks for those who will let Him…

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