Does God Still Do Miracles?


Does God still do miracles? I would emphatically answer that with a “Yes, He does”! I know this for certain because of personal encounters I’ve had with Him. Here are just a few of these:

At age seven I was dying from a lung problem. The doctors were not sure what I had, but they thought it might be histoplasmosis or tuberculosis or some type of cancer. The only thing they knew for certain is that my lungs were filling up with something and it was killing me. My mom prayed and gave me over to God’s will. That same day I was scheduled to have exploratory surgery done on me. Just before they cut into me the surgeon ran more tests. When he did he discovered that the growths that were in my lungs had all disappeared. No medication was ever given to me. No surgery was ever done. Nothing man caused this recovery. The next day they sent me home. I never suffered that problem again.

At age 16 I was diagnosed with rheumatic fever. It had advanced into my heart and was causing me a lot of pain. The heart specialist told me that their tests confirmed that my heart was ruined. He said that I would never be able to walk around the block or ride a bike again. That same day, after I prayed, God healed my heart to the point that I left the hospital the next day without even a heart murmur. The doctors could not point to any medical treatment they gave me as being the reason for my recovery. And like my lung disease, I have never had any heart problems since.

At age 22 my dad was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets while mowing our yard. He did not know he was allergic to their venom until that day. When he came into the house he began having a bad reaction, so we called an ambulance. When they got there Dad had no vital signs and they decided he was deceased. I prayed to God and told Him if He would bring my dad back I would serve Him the rest of my life. Dad immediately awoke, though he was acting lethargically. No CPR, no anti-venom, no medical treatment of any kind was given to him. Because Dad did have no vital signs, they decided to transport him to the hospital. The emergency room doctor told us that Dad received so many stings on his body that they could not count them. The doctor also said they could not understand how Dad survived without receiving any anti-venom. That was 1983. My dad was Born Again in Jesus name in 1985 and served God until he went home to be with the Lord in 2005.

Another miracle was in 2000 when my wife and I were young parents. We had just moved from Florida to minister at a church in Texas. My son was three and my daughter was only a couple months old. We had almost no money and needed a miracle to make it through the next few weeks. I pulled up to a store to allow my wife to purchase what groceries she could with our last $42.00. I prayed as I waited in the car with our two children. As I prayed one of those small whirlwinds like you sometimes see at a ballfield blew up in front of our car. It was almost dark outside, so it was difficult to see what was going on. However, as I looked at it I saw that there were leaves blowing around in that small tornado. Then my eyes focused more and I saw that those leaves were actually money! I told my son to stay in his car seat. I jumped out and began grabbing money from within that whirlwind. Anyone in the parking lot watching me probably thought I had lost my mind. When my wife came back to the car I counted out all the money I had gathered into her hand…it was exactly $42.00. That whirlwind replaced the exact amount of money that my wife had taken into the store. Someone might doubt and say that it was just blowing around someone’s lost money, but seriously, what are the odds that this small whirlwind would pick up exactly $42.00, or that, of all the cars in that Texas town, it would blow that $42.00 up to my car? God could just as easily of sent us a huge amount of money, but if He had, the doubters could claim we just found someone else’s lost money. But to say we got the exact amount my wife took into the store; that pretty much stops every doubter in his or her tracks. I believe God was showing us then that He knew exactly what our needs were and that He was well able to take care of them all. He is still taking care of us today.

The above are just a few of the miracles that I have personally seen my God do. I hope my sharing them is an encouragement to someone to believe God for miracles in their life.

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