Dispensationalism is Less Than 200 Years Old

shutterstock_31691329An interesting read in this Daily Beast article. There it says that both Dispensationalism and its “secret rapture” theory are “less than 200 years old.” This “secret rapture” theory is one of the eight dispensational theories in my $1000.00 offer. For years I offered $1000.00 to the first person that gave scriptures where any of eight Dispensational teachings I listed are actually taught in the Bible. This is the same less-than-200-year-old prophecy view spoken of in this article. Each of these eight teachings are important to the Dispensational theory. To date not one person has sent even one scripture in an attempt to support any of those eight Dispensational teachings…not one. If a doctrine is said to be “biblical” shouldn’t it have clear biblical evidence from the Bible? If it doesn’t, what does that say?

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