Are the Godless Made in God’s Image?

QAQuestion: How can a man or woman be godless? Aren’t all men made in the image of God?

Answer: This is a good question. “godless” means one who is “stained” or is a “hypocrite.” “Stained” is the condition caused by a person being “stained by sin.” “Hypocrite” literally means “actor.” This condition occurs when a person only “acts as if” they are a Child of God. Making man in “God’s image,” speaks of the type person God intended every man, woman, and child to become.

Jesus is called the “last Adam.” He is that perfect image that the “first Adam,” never achieved. When we look at Jesus, we see the type image to which God fashioned man to become. Jesus’ claim to being sin-free (stainless), is that He flawlessly kept all that God commanded. As a result, He was not a hypocrite, but was instead the true prophesied Messiah.

Adam failed and became godless due to rebelling against God’s commands. Thus he was stained by sin and a hypocrite to the “image” that God had created him to be. Jesus came to cleanse mankind of their sin-stains.

Being “Born Again” in “Jesus’ name” washes away the stains of sin. It also transforms such a believer into a “new creature in Christ.” This is needed for them to live in this life as Jesus’ body, which is also called the “Church” and the “New Jerusalem.” Walking in the status of these positions in Christ is the opposite of living as a hypocrite.

The godless today are those who refuse to be Born Again in Jesus’ name and choose instead to live a sin-stained life absent of God’s commands. Thankfully there is always a remnant of sincere believers that willingly follow the straight and narrow way of Jesus Christ. Sadly, a majority of people refuses this path, choosing instead their own way.


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