I was “Born Again” in Jesus’ name April 1985. I believe in one God; that His Word is infallible; that He lived in flesh as Jesus Christ; that His Spirit infills His people today; that salvation is found only in Jesus’ name as stated in Acts 2:38 and Acts 4:12; and that every child of God is to spiritually mature into Christlikeness.

Jesus perfectly fulfilled every prophecy written of Him. He commissioned His disciples to share the truths of New Covenant gospel and kingdom. I first answered my call to preach in 1986. Since that time I’ve ministered in people’s homes, church congregations, and Bible conferences across the United States and Canada. I’ve also prepared written materials that have appeared in Web articles and in printed tracts, books, and publications.

The purpose of this Website is to share the biblical truths I’ve come to see through time spent in prayer and study. Topics found here will include the Bible’s One God, Jesus’ New Covenant plan of salvation, a believer’s identity in Christ, fulfilled prophecy, the five-fold ministry’s purpose in the church, spiritual maturity, gifts and fruit of the Spirit, Apostolic Church history, and other topics relating to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His apostles. I mean no offense in anything I teach, but since God’s Word – by nature – is contrary to our flesh, offenses are unavoidable.

My hope is you visit here often, and that when you do, you are challenged to be more like Jesus and less like yourself. –TK Burk


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